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Do you want to become an Author and get paid for your writing skills?

We at Unflaw solve every kind of problem an iPhone user can have. We have a large database of amazing iPhone related ebooks that are read by thousands of iPhone users regularly. If you think you are capable of writing ebooks for iPhone related issues, join our Author’s Program now.

We will create a profile page for you where the readers can find all the information related to you and your expertise. Moreover, we will create an awesome 3D cover for your ebook and a high-converting download page.

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We will also give you an opportunity to interact with your readers and give them your expert opinion about the issue they have. They can contact you through your profile page.

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You can write reviews of your ebooks and blog posts for promoting them. You can advertise your ebooks through any channel you like and we can also help you in promoting your ebook.


We have an easy payment system for our authors. You can earn over 70% commission rate per sale and get paid through Paypal whenever you want. You can upload up to 10 ebooks completely free of cost.

How to Apply?partners apply now

Our application process is very simple. Just fill out the form and sign up for the “Unflaw Author’s Program”. You will receive an email when your application is approved.

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