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As magnificent as an iPhone can be (Which is!), it is also a very expensive product. The iPhone XS Max for instance, costs $1,449 which is the highest Smartphone price that I can recall.

This is why many people in order to avoid spending hundreds of dollars, are going for cheaper options, such as buying a used iPhone.

Buying used iPhones is a great way of saving money and still get an “almost new” device.

However, it is critical to know that you should not only pay attention to an iPhone’s physical appearance, such as scratches and cracks. An iPhone can have other problems, which are not visible by just looking it.

This is why Checking an iPhone’s status through its IMEI number is very important and highly recommended before buying a used iPhone.

By checking an iPhone’s IMEI number, you will be able to see if it has any “hidden” issues. It will basically inform you if this iPhone is ready to be used by you, with your SIM card and inside your Country.

This “checking” procedure is called an iPhone IMEI Check report.

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What problems the iPhone IMEI Check can reveal?

If you already found a used iPhone that you want to buy, the first thing is to check how it looks.

You need to check if it has any scratches, if it is broken, if all the buttons are working, if there are any color issues on the screen, if all the ports are working, etc…

If everything looks good, then you need to find:

  • If it is possible to use it with your SIM card
  • If you can use it inside your country
  • If you can use it with any network you want worldwide
  • If it will have any issues inside other countries
  • If you will be able to activate your iCloud account to this device
  • If it will have any kind of issues in the future

An iPhone IMEI Check service can give you answers to all the above questions, which is the reason that it is highly recommended.

You only need to know the IMEI number of that iPhone.

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Instant Online iPhone Check

Quick explanation of an iPhone IMEI Check results

There are a few things that you need to take into account in order to determine which used iPhone to buy:

  • SIM Lock & Network Status
  • Blacklist status
  • iCloud status
  • Contract & warranty status

If you have accurate information of the above statuses, then you can be certain and confident that you will purchase a working iPhone.

Is it possible to use it with your SIM card?

With a SIM-Lock & Network check you will find if that iPhone is locked to a specific network. If it is, then it can only operate with that particular network. If the results of the check is “UNLOCKED” then that iPhone can use any SIM card in the world.

Can you use it inside your country?

If an iPhone is not allowed to operate inside a country, it means that it got blacklisted. An iPhone can get blacklisted when its owner reports it as Lost or Stolen. Avoid at all costs purchasing blacklisted iPhones.

Can you activate it with your own iCloud account?

In order to properly operate an iPhone you need to activate it with your iCloud account. iPhones that are already activated with another iCloud account, cannot be used by a different user. This check will show you if an iPhone can get activated with your iCloud account.

Will it have any lock issues in the future?

This will check its contract and warranty status. An iPhone that is under contract and warranty are still under the ownership of the previous user. This means that they still have the right to report them as lost or stolen or even skip paying their contract bills. This will definitely cause you future lock issues and you should aim buying Out of Contract & Warranty iPhones.


Buying a used iPhone is very tempting, but you need to be very careful.

how to check if iPhone is unlocked - locked vs unlocked

Great offers might not be as great as they seem. Hidden issues will cause you problems; immediately or in the near future.

Do not only check the iPhone’s appearance, check its full background (with a full iPhone IMEI Check).

One of the most popular iPhone IMEI Check company is iPhoneUnlock.Zone. They provide instant, cheap & accurate iPhone IMEI Check reports.

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