How to Fix iPhone Battery Issues?

iPhone is an amazing device with lots of great apps and features.iPhone users spend a lot of time on their iPhones, therefore: they need longer battery time for their device. An iPhone has an average 10-12 hours of battery time and it allows users to check emails,  browse the web and chat with friends. While setting up the iPhone, the main concern of the iPhone owner is to make sure the iPhone battery placed inside the device is original and long-lasting. Read this article to fix all your iPhone battery issues.

iPhone battery

Your iPhone battery can slow down with time or the battery time can also be reduced if you have updated the iOS version. The first sign to figure out the iPhone battery issue is that the battery is not working for as long time as it used to work before. The following could be the possible reasons for battery drain in your iPhone.

  • The device shuts off unexpectedly
  • The device gets warm when being charged
  • The battery life is reduced

All these 3 situations can occur due to various reasons. You need to try the following solutions to resolve the iPhone battery issue.

  • Apps Running in the Background

The first step is to check which apps are being run on your device and how much battery they are consuming. Sometimes we are unaware of the apps that are running in the background and they consume a large amount of battery. If you find any such apps, close them immediately. Go to Settings > Battery and see the list of apps running. You can also disable the apps if you do not want to delete them permanently.

  • Check the if Software Update is Required

There might be an update available for your iOS version which can improve your iPhone’s overall performance and battery. Make sure you have updated your software to that version to solve your iPhone battery problem.

  • Refresh or Factory Reset your iPhone

You might need to restore your iPhone to a backup in iCloud or iTunes. If you still have the same issue, then you can just factory reset your device to refresh it. Go to Settings > General > Reset and tap Erase All Content and Settings.

  • Apple Genius Bar

If your battery problem still does not get resolved, you can contact Apple Genius Bar to check if there are any hardware repairs required for your iPhone.

What to do if your iPhone gets Hot?

If your iPhone gets warm while at charging, try a different charger for your device. It is always better to use the original Apple charger but if you do not have it, get the charger from a certified vendor.

Try the above-mentioned solutions in order to make your iPhone battery long lasting. If you are looking for more iPhone issue’s solutions, check out this iPhone Set Up Guide.

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