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Fix iPhone Touch ID Issues

If you are looking for ways to fix iPhone Touch ID issues, do read this article and get your Touch ID problems solved.

Touch ID is basically the fingerprint identity sensor of an iPhone and iPad. It lets you unlock your iPhone, use the apps, iTunes and Apple store. Touch ID is used in iPhone 5s or later. This feature actually makes it easy for you to use your device.

How Touch ID works?                                                           

Touch ID works through a stainless steel ring that detects user’s finger. Every time the user places a finger on Touch ID, the sensor scans it and if it is recognized, the user is then allowed to use the device.

If the Touch ID works perfectly, it seems to be the best feature of your iPhone. But if it fails to work properly, then you do not even feel like using your device.iPhone Touch ID

How to Fix iPhone Touch ID issues?

Try the following if you are encountering Touch ID issues frequently.

  • Restart your iPhone and see if the issue gets fixed.
  • If restart does not help, try restoring your device. Make sure to make a backup first and then restore.
  • Your fingerprints might change due to the change in your skin texture. So it is a good idea to register your fingerprints again on your iPhone. This can help in improving the Touch ID performance of your device.
  • While you are registering for the Touch ID feature, move your finger properly on the sensor, so that the entire surface and every edge can be thoroughly scanned.
  • Sometimes you are unable to use Touch ID in Apps store. In that case, turn off the App Store, reboot your iPhone and turn the App store on again. This might solve your problem.
  • Make sure to wipe your finger and the Home button before you use the Touch ID. If the finger is wet or has anything on the surface, the iPhone Touch ID might not work properly.Buy Apps touch Touch ID
  • Also make sure that when you are using the Touch ID, your finger is touching the capacitive ring that actually detects the fingerprint.
  • Do not lift your finger too quickly. The sensor might sometimes take time to detect. Touch lightly the Home button of your iPhone, not with force.
  • While you are authenticating, try to keep your finger still.
  • In case, you are using the screen protector for your iPhone, make sure to not cover the capacitive ring, so that it can work properly.
  • Make sure your operating system is up to date. Check your iPhone software’s update and see if it requires one.
  • If still, the problem is there, you might need to contact Apple support.

The above-mentioned solutions are quite useful in order to fix the iPhone Touch ID issues. Normally users are not aware of the minor efforts that are required to solve the problem. But after going through all these iPhone Touch ID issues solution, I am sure you will not have to face this problem again.


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