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How to Connect iPhone to Macbook?

Want to know how to connect iPhone to Macbook? Read this article to learn how you can actually do that.How to Connect iPhone to Macbook?

All the iPhones come with a cable that is used for charging and to connect it to a PC or Macbook. To connect your iPhone to the MacBook, plug the lightning or 30-pin end of the cable to the iPhone and the other end to the MacBook USB port.

How to Connect iPhone to Macbook through iTunes?

When you plug the cable, some apps automatically open up on your Macbook, including iTunes. If it does not open automatically due to the settings of your iPhone, open it manually.

You may also get a message that a new version of iOS is available for update. If your iOS is up to date, you will not receive this message. If you want to update your iPhone’s software, just download it and install. Just click on cancel, if you want to do that later sometimes

358033 apple iphone 5 lightning portIf you see a phone shaped icon in iTunes on the left of the top bar, it means that the iPhone has been detected by iTunes. Now the iPhone’s summary page will be displayed to you, where you can see its phone number, serial number, iOS version, and capacity. You can also find your iPhone’s IMEI, MEID, ICCID  numbers that can be used for many different useful purposes.

You can look for your iPhone’s backup details and also find the option to manually backup your iPhone now.

The amount at the bottom shows the amount of capacity used by the audio video files, apps, and other data. If you click on Categories on the left side, you can see all the videos, music files, apps, games and other stuff which is stored in your iPhone.

How to Connect iPhone to MacBook Pro

Let’s now figure out how to connect iPhone to Macbook pro. Macbook pro does not have the same USB port as others. It includes two or four USB-C ports. Macbooks released in 2015 and 2016 have only one USB-C port.

You cannot connect the iPhones that have USB cables and not the USB-C ports, to Macbook pro or the 12-inch Macbooks. If you still need to connect your iPhone to Macbook pro, you will have to buy an adapter that can help you connect the two devices.

There are many USB cables available in the market. But it is always recommended that you use your Apple original USB cables to connect your iPhone to Macbook.

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If you want to know how to connect iPhone to Macbook without any cable or wire, follow the simple steps mentioned below.

  • Connect your iPhone with the Macbook
  • Click on Summary
  • Select the option “Sync with the device over WiFi”
  • Now disconnect your iPhone with the Macbook

Above mentioned are all the options that explain how to connect iPhone to Macbook. It is quite a simple procedure; you just need to know about the right ports and cables you have to use.

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