Instant iPhone IMEI Lock Results

We have explained in detail the iPhone IMEI Check service importance to our previous post about iPhone IMEI Check results, so we will not dig into that subject.

In this post we will provide you a quick solution that will allow you to instantly check an iPhone’s IMEI number and find:

  • If it is Locked or Unlocked
  • What Mobile Network is locking it
  • If it has Blacklist issues
  • If it has Outstanding Financial Balance
  • If it has an iCloud Activation Lock
Instant IMEI Check report by iPhoneUnlock.Zone
iPhoneUnlock.Zone IMEI Check Report

Using iPhoneUnlock.Zone instant Check report service

The reason that we only suggest iPhoneUnlock.Zone, is because they are tested, used & verified not only by us, but from thousands of people.

They were mostly focusing on iPhone unlock services, but for the past few months they published their Instant iPhone IMEI Check tool.

Most of the Online IMEI check companies, state that their IMEI check tool is very fast (even instant), but they must receive time differently than the rest of us. The best case scenario is 1-2 hours, but most of them will provide the report to you after 24 hours.

iPhoneUnlock.Zone, does what they say; the report will reach your email inbox within a few seconds (from 5 to 30 seconds).

How to order an instant IMEI Check report:

You only need to know the IMEI number of your iPhone and be able to make online payments.

PayPal is the only payment method, but as you might already know, PayPal supports a very large number of Credit and Debit cards.

The process goes as following:

  1. type your iPhone’s IMEI number
  2. type your email address
  3. proceed with the payment.
Instant IMEI Check report from iPhoneUnlock.Zone

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