iPhone Camera Settings

5 Useful iPhone Camera Settings

If you are fond of using the iPhone camera and wants to know more about the iPhone camera settings that help you capture better quality pictures, read this article.

iPhone Camera SettingsiPhone Camera Setting

iPhone camera has been improved over the period of time. With the launch of every new iPhone model, the camera gets better. The iPhone camera lets you take amazing photos, selfies, panoramas, squares, make videos and you can also edit pictures and videos.

Let’s now check the 5 most useful iPhone Camera settings you can apply on your iPhone and get amazing results.

  1. Focus & Exposure

Make sure the focus and exposure of your iPhone camera are correct when you are taking the photos. A bad focus or exposure can destroy the quality of your picture. It might be too dark or too bright without proper focus. Setting exposure and focus on your iPhone is simple. Set the focus point first when you have framed your shot. Choose the object you want to focus and tap it. A box will appear on the screen that tells which part is in focus. Now adjust the brightness or exposure if required.

  1. Grids

Gridlines or a grid is also one of the useful iPhone camera settings. Gridlines are actually two horizontal and two vertical lines that appear on the iPhone screen. It divides the frame into three sections, which is called “rule of thirds”. Gridlines split the photo in half for perfectly symmetrically composed photos. To turn on the Grid option, open the iPhone camera settings, select photos & camera, Scroll down to Camera option and turn on the Grid.

  1. Live Filters

Now you can apply live filters while you are taking the photo. You can add colorful filters to your photos which make them more stunning. When you enable a particular filter, the camera stays in the same mode till you turn it off. Once the photo is saved with your selected filter, you cannot change or remove the effect. So for your important photos, it is recommended that you do not add filters or make a copy of your photo first before applying the filter, in case you need the unedited version later.

  1. Burst Modereuk masthead 720x340

The Burst mode allows you to capture 10 photos in a second. You just need to tap and hold the shutter button for taking 10 photos. The only drawback it has is that it will fill up your memory space. So if you are using the burst mode, take some time out to select the best picture among those ten and delete the rest.

  1. Live Photos

This is an interesting iPhone camera setting. It lets you create 3 seconds moving image. Rather than taking a still image, this feature lets you capture moments with complete movements and sounds. You can capture all your fun moments and enjoy them later. Ti turn on this feature, tap the Live Photos icon and when it turns yellow, that means you are ready to capture live photos.

These 5 iPhone Camera Settings helps you create lovely images which you can keep for as long as you want. So apply these features now and make wonderful memories with your iPhone.



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