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Is your iPhone Slow? Here is how you can fix it

Do you ever think why is your iPhone slow? If you have a slow iPhone and its speed performance has dropped over time, then check out this blog that explains what you can do to speed up your slow iPhone.

What makes your iPhone Slow?iPhone slow

iPhones are popular for their great performance and speed. However, with time, they can slow down due to various reasons. The main reason for slow speed is full storage. Users normally download heavy apps and their iPhone memory is full of videos and pictures which makes the device slow. Try the following to make your iPhone’s speed better.

  1. Make Space in your iPhone’s Memory

Like all other mobile phones, iPhone also has a set amount of memory space or capacity. When you buy a new iPhone, the device works very fast and this is because it has a lot of memory space available and there is less load on the device. But with time as you start downloading apps and your memory is filled with lots of audio and video files, and the device starts to perform slower. So, in that case, you should empty the space by deleting the unnecessary files and apps. This will improve the iPhone’s speed.

  1. Software Updates

Your iPhone might require a software update. The old software version of the can make your iPhone slow. Go to “Settings” of your iPhone, tap on “General”, then the Software update section. If there is an update available, tap on it and install. This will make your iPhone performance much better than before.speed up your iphone 300x169

  1. Shut the Apps Running in Background

There are some apps which keep on running on your iPhone even when you have closed them. These apps may have a significant impact on your device’s performance. There might be some apps which you want to keep on running, but try to exit the apps which are running unnecessarily and making your iPhone slow.

  1. Reduce Motion

Reduce the screen motion of your iPhone. While you use your iPhone, you might notice some animations on your screen like zoom in and zoom out. These animations can slow down your device’s response time. So ir order to improve your iPhone’s performance, it is recommended that you reduce these screen motion effects. Go to “Settings”, tap on “General”, then “Accessibility”. There you can see the Reduce Motion option.

  1. Clean your Safari

Temporary data is saved on your iPhone in the form of cache files. With time lot of cache files are created in your device and that can make your iPhone slow. If you clean up your iPhone’s Safari cache, cookies and browsing history, you can give your device a fresh start, hence increase its speed. Go to “Settings”,Safari”, and then tap on “Clean history and website data”.

These are the most basic things you can do in order to avoid your iPhone from getting slow. Once you perform all these actions, your phone is most likely to get better in speed and performance.


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