iphone overheating

How to Overcome iPhone Overheating issue?

Does your iPhone become hot and you are not sure how you can solve this issue? Read this article to learn the ways how you can overcome the iPhone overheating issue.

Why are iPhones Overheated?iPhone overheating

iPhones can be overheated due to internal or external factors. The external factor could be the temperature, as the iPhones are designed to function between 0 to 35-degree centigrade. However, in some countries, the temperature is very high and that can lead to overheating of iPhone.

On the other hand, the iPhones can be internally overheated. There might be some apps that are constantly running and trying to access data. These apps may need high processing power due to which the iPhones become hot.

If the iPhones get overheated, it might stop charging, start working on low power, disables the camera flash, the display gets dim or even the signals also might become weaker.

How to Fix iPhone Overheating Problem?

  • The first thing that you should do is turn off your iPhone and take it to a cool environment so that it can cool down.
  • Remove the case of your iPhone and leave it for some time.
  • Do not keep your iPhone in a place where direct sunlight is coming.
  • Also, make sure that your iPhone has all the latest software updates installed. Apple releases updates that can be used to fix iPhone overheating issue.
  • Check if your iPhone iOS needs repair. There might be some errors due to which your device is overheated.
  • Do not play games on your iPhone if it is getting hot. Games can burden the processor and that can cause iPhones to overheat. Do not charge your iPhone when it is hot. Charging can heat up the device even more.
  • Another way to avoid iPhone overheating is that turn off the GPS. GPS also causes the iPhones to get hot.
  • Avoid using Bluetooth on your iPhone.hqdefault
  • Do not leave your iPhone in the car. Temperature is increased in the car very quickly. So whenever you park your car, take the iPhone with you.
  • Close the apps running in the background. The heavy apps that are continuously running can make the iPhone overheat. So it is always recommended to keep the unnecessary apps closed.
  • Turn on the “Airplane Mode”. This mode can close down the processes that are overheating the iPhone.
  • There might be an app which causes the iPhone overheating issue. Go to the Settings of your iPhone, tap on privacy, then scroll down to Diagnostics and Usage>Diagnostics and Data. There you can see all the operations going on in your iPhone. If there is an app that appears more than 15 or 20 times a day, then that surely means this app is making your iPhone hot. Try to get rid of that particular app. You can find an alternative for that app, but if you cannot get rid of it, then at least re-install it.

I hope the above-mentioned ways for overcoming the iPhone overheating issues will help you solve your problem.

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