recover deleted iPhone text messages

A Guide to Recover Deleted iPhone Text Messages

Most of us keep text messages that we have had ever since we bought our first phone. Some of these texts hold sentiment and others contain important or sensitive information. You will never know the value of a deleted text message until you find that you desperately need to recover deleted iPhone text messages.

Fortunately, you can restore deleted iPhone text messages directly on your iPhone, or use an iTunes or iCloud backup.

Using an iCloud Backup to Recover Deleted iPhone Text Messages Directly on your Phone

recover deleted iPhone text messages An iCloud backup can come to the rescue when you need to get back your deleted iPhone text messages. Once again, it is important to understand, that you can only recover what you had backed up. Use the method outlined on the right to try and recover deleted text messages.

Unfortunately, this means that you lose everything you currently have on your iPhone when you restore the older backup.

Using the iCloud Website

If you do not have an iCloud backup that is recent enough or one that contains the particular texts you want, you can try checking the iCloud internet site. Log in and check for the messages through the Text Messages icon on the site. Again, it is important to understand that iCloud may not backup text messages in all territories or support backups with every phone operator.

If your Text Messages are backed up on iCloud, follow these steps to get them back on your iPhone. This method will also safeguard your iPhone data from overwrites.

  • From your iPhone go to Settings > iCloud
  • Switch off Text Messages, and a pop-up will appear asking whether to keep your phone on. Choose the “Keep My iPhone On” option.
  • After that, turn the text messages back on and then tap “Merge.” Wait for a couple of minutes, and your text messages should appear back on your phone.

Using an iTunes Backup to Recover Deleted iPhone Text Messages

recover deleted iPhone text messages Many people still perform iTunes backups, and these backups can likewise come to your rescue when needed. Follow the steps as outlined below:

Step 1: From iTunes, access the Device option and get to the Summary option.

Step 2: From Summary, click on the “Restore Backup” option. An alternative is to use the File>Devices> Restore From Backup.

Step 3: Select the right backup file that you want to restore from the available options. Click on “Restore” to recover your iPhone files.

Again, worth pointing out is that restoring an iTunes backup means that you will overwrite the data that is currently on your iPhone.

Phone Provider

recover deleted iPhone text messages If all the other methods do not work for you, because you do not have the backups, try calling your phone provider. Some providers keep records of all the text messages you have ever received. It is your right to access them, but not all providers keep these records.

Sometimes, you can just log into your account through the service provider’s website and access these texts. However, you might have to contact customer support for additional help.

Losing your iPhone data can give your nightmares, particularly if you need the deleted data urgently. We recommend our Ebook How To Restore Deleted Data on iPhone 5s, 5C, 6, 6+, 6s, 6s+, 7, & 7+. The Ebook provides a deeper insight about how you can lose iPhone data, the type of data you could lose, how to recover deleted iPhone data, and how to protect your iPhone from data loss.

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